Manolo Panic

Band | Pop

Straightforward and full of character. This is Manolo Panic. After their versatile and well-received debut "Helpless and Strange" by critics and critics alike, the indie rockers are back and put a fool on it. It should be uncompromising, carry along, mean something. Mike Fiedler pushes on the drums and takes what he can get. Janick Zumofen plays his telecasters on the edge of the workable, on the bass Raphael Aardoom holds everything together and Ramon Margharitis' warm character voice gives the whole thing the necessary grounding. Together, this always results in newly discovered soundscapes with recognition value every second. Sometimes a rhythm goes on the hips in the quickest way, sometimes a line of text directly through the most hidden doors in the head, where you really did not expect anyone. Her tours have taken Manolo Panic to the clubs of London, the stages of Germany and the vast expanses of the USA. Their many concerts and their experiences made them what they are today: a damn good live band that makes everything dance from tight pants to leather vests.