Solo | Pop

Rough, intoxicating, wild and full of vigour – that is FOUGUE. Pronounced “FOOG” and meaning ’drive’ in French. When the singer hears his name aloud, his eyes light up and the picture of a black powerful horse materialises. “The horse is galloping over a huge field and is completely free. The energy of this picture I often feel inside of me, especially when it comes to a burning desire to put something in motion.” That way of living, of always being in motion, is brought out in FOUGUEs music.

FOUGUEs voice is in the foreground: voluminous, disarming and soulful. An armada of instruments and acoustics accompanying him. There are heavenly choirs, claps and slaps, a beating bass-kick, wind instruments sounding groovy or gloomy and strong electronic beats, which vibrate through your whole body, sometimes discreetly, sometimes in your face!